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Men's grooming is fast becoming a norm. It is moving mainstream, becoming part of the modern ‘lifestyle’ and seen as part of gentlemen's grooming rituals just like getting a haircut or shaving.

There are several key differences between men & women's skin structure. Men's skin is made up of smaller sebaceous glands (oil glands) which is different from woman's skin for key ingredients from skin care products to be absorbed. However, these smaller glands actually secrete more oil due to testosterone hormone, leading to oily skin. Although men's skin is thicker than women's and is less susceptible to sun damage, neglects, more exposure to the elements and daily shaving, etc., will lead the skin to lose its natural lubricants, becoming more dehydrated & sensitized, and more easily irritated than a woman's skin.

At the SK-II Boutique Spa by Senze Salus, we understand these differences and ensure that we customize our treatment and product recommendations for the guys accordingly.